ROI Co-Labs (https://www.roicolab.com/) is producing a raw, real talk video series that will connect people in straight talk conversations about their lives, experiences and thoughts on the topics of racial equity and social justice.  


- Show title:  Uncommon Conversation

- Episode length: 30 minutes

- Episode participants: Pro Athlete and / or hip-hop talent, street participants, law enforcement official / expert, host from the ROI Co-Labs program (street talent)

- Show concept: ROI Co-Labs talent hosts and teams up pro athletes and rappers / hip-hop talent and guys / girls straight from the street with law enforcement for real, straight talk / hot topic conversations (all surrounding social justice)

UNCOMMON CONVERSATION will break down barriers and facilitate a conversation between people who wouldn't normally interact in a casual setting together.  In 30 minutes, we'll show the difference between how these people approach one another at the beginning of the interaction to the end of the conversation, after they talked with one another and gotten to know the real person behind the exterior toughness.


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